A unique matchmaking service for single women and single men who want a loving cuckolding relationship

Introducing a private matchmaking service for single men and single women interested in pursuing a loving and long term cuckolding relationship where he is monogamous to her and she is given the gift of sexual experiences with other men. In turn, she involves him in her adventures in some way. Essential for both is that he remains committed to her joy, happiness, and empowerment and they both absolutely love it that way.

This unique program focuses heavily on celebrating and respecting the women in this lifestyle, learning strategies for success, and most importantly building real relationships with the aim of finding your life partner. For that reason you will find it more emphasis on finding love with someone who shares your vision of a loving cuckolding relationship, and not as much emphasis on cuckolding fantasy fulfillment.

Unlike most dating apps and kink sites, Venus Connections is totally private. There is no scrolling through profiles, no publishing or sharing photos, no messaging between members. We do all of the coordinating and matching behind the scenes. The only time you talk to other members is during a virtual date!

When you buy a membership, that’s when the process begins. You fill out a very detailed questionnaire, complete a course with two lessons and quizzes, and then have an interview. This lengthy process is how we get to know all about you and what you are looking for – we spend the time! After that you wait to be contacted once we have a match for you. When that happens? Of course we cannot guarantee any matches nor estimate what the timeframe would look like, but just like regular dating the more you have to offer in a relationship, the more opportunities you generally get.

Program Advantages

Safe and Private

Your personal information is kept behind a privacy wall, making it much safer than the usual dating apps. Unlike dating apps where you have to put up a public profile with photos and personal information, our matchmakers keep your information private and safe


Our courses are created by women with dating experience in the cuckolding lifestyle and offer a huge advantage to our clients, setting them up for success in making connections. They are filled with valuable insights and tips into strategies that really work

Individualized Attention

We have a thorough process of interviews, questionnaires, and surveys which we use to learn all about you and what you want in a life partnership and fine tune things as we go along

Serious Candidates

With Venus Connections you can comfortably assume that each candidate is serious and willing to put in the time and effort to make the relationship of their dreams turn into reality

Who is this program for?

This matchmaking service is for single aspiring cucks and aspiring cuckoldresses/hotwives (with or without experience) who are looking for their life partner.

At this time it is not a service for couples, bulls or anyone who is currently in a relationship (not single). Minimum age for membership is 21. The majority of our members reside in North America however we accept candidates from around the world.

Here at Venus Connections we have high expectations for our clients. We expect all members to demonstrate that they are honest, reliable, courteous, and responsible at all times. Failure to do so may result in the member being removed from the program.

Are you a woman who is curious to learn more about loving cuckolding relationships? Visit our page with helpful information, discounts, and videos:

How does the program work?

All male candidates must start out with purchasing a Basic membership. Then they have access to the member’s portal where they can find all of the step by step instructions to complete the program.

The first step is to complete a very detailed questionnaire that will help us get to know you and learn about what you are looking for. Candidates must answer all questions truthfully and accurately. Dishonesty, misleading or false statements, or fake names are all reasons why a member may be removed from the program.

Once the questionnaire is submitted you have up to 3 weeks to complete the educational component is one course consisting of two lessons: a presentation to watch along with a quiz and reflective questions for each lesson. The course must be completed in the three week time frame. Most people easily complete them within a couple of days.

Once you complete the course you will immediately be directed to a booking page where you can schedule your interview. Venus uses the interview time to review your questionnaire and get to know more about you. Interviews are normally between 30 45 minutes in duration.

When the candidate has completed all of the above steps their confidential profile is added to our private registry and if/when we have a match, we then contact the candidate to arrange for a virtual date. At no time do the members know who else is in the program (other than their virtual dates) as all of the matching is done privately by our staff.

Basic members who have completed the program can then apply for an Elite membership (optional). There is a selection and interview process to be able to purchase an Elite membership and there are limited memberships available.

Our Core Beliefs

At Venus Connections we believe:

  • cuckolding is not merely a sexual act, but a beautiful, loving, complex, and sexy relationship dynamic built on trust
  • loving cuckolding relationships are a one-sided open relationship where he is faithful to her and he loves her infidelities, and they both love it that way
  • within loving cuckolding relationships he gives her the gift of sexual experiences with others and in return she gives him the gift of being involved in some way; it’s a two way street
  • cuckolds are loved, respected, and heard in a loving cuckolding relationship
  • women are loved, adored, cherished, empowered, celebrated, and put first in a loving cuckolding relationship
  • establishing a committed relationship prior to including cuckolding fantasies is vital to a long lasting loving cuckolding relationship

Who is Venus?

The Venus Connections matchmaking service was created by Venus, full time producer and host of the hugely popular podcast The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. She recognized the unique struggles and barriers to dating in the cuckolding lifestyle and the lack of any real, safe, and reliable options to dating online so she decided it is about time to create what has been desperately needed and long overdue – a private matchmaking service for singles who are serious about finding a loving cuckolding relationship.

Hear Venus talk about the Venus Connections Program, and Travis (a member) talk about what it’s like: