Finally! Matchmaking for single women and single men who want a loving cuckolding relationship

Introducing a professional matchmaking service for single men and single women interested in pursuing a loving and long term relationship where he is monogamous to her and she is given the gift of sexual experiences with other men. In turn, she involves him in her adventures in some way. Essential for both is that he remains committed to her joy, happiness, and empowerment and they absolutely love it that way.

This matchmaking service is for aspiring cucks and aspiring cuckoldresses/hotwives who are looking for their life partner. At this time it is not a service for couples, bulls or anyone who is currently in a relationship (not single). This program is heavily focused on building relationships with the aim of finding your life partner. For that reason you will find it less about fantasy fulfillment and more about finding love with someone who shares your vision of a loving cuckolding relationship.

The Venus Connections matchmaking service was created by Venus who hosts The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. The membership program starts with a detailed questionnaire and then has two parts – an educational component followed by a registry or matchmaking option.

This matchmaking service is only for unattached singles. Married individuals or individuals currently in a relationship are not accepted into the program. All clients are required to complete a mandatory 3 week educational course on the basics of loving cuckolding relationships and dating in this lifestyle. Although you have 3 weeks to complete the courses, many people are able to complete them in a day or two. Once the educational component is completed the client will then have a one hour video interview with Venus.

After successful completion of the above, clients will then enter either the registry or matchmaking stage, depending on the membership they have chosen. There are two membership choices: basic membership for the registry or elite matchmaking services.

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We are one of a kind

Dating is hard enough as it is right? Not only do you want to find your life partner but you really need a loving cuckolding relationship to feel happy and fulfilled. It can seem like a daunting task.

Traditional regular dating sites make it extremely difficult to figure out who might be interested in this very unique kind of relationship dynamic. You could easily spend countless hours, days, or months with very little success.

Kink dating sites also aren’t much easier. You end up looking through mostly or completely blank profiles and often it seems like people come with a long list of other kinks and fetishes along with cuckolding which might not suit what you are looking for.

Here at Venus Connections we only accept candidates who are passionate about loving cuckolding relationships and who are serious about wanting this.

Once you’ve purchased a membership with Venus Connections, you’ll get access to our exclusive education program. This program is a series of lessons, quizzes, and questions for reflection that was created by women who have years of experience dating in the cuckolding lifestyle. They’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. They’ve learned strategies for men and women that will put you in the best position for success for dating, matching, and building long lasting loving cuckolding relationships.

Each member has 3 weeks to complete the program (however most people complete them much sooner), after which time their work will be reviewed so that we can begin to learn more about your unique self. Then you will be scheduled for a virtual interview with Venus to further discuss what you are looking for and what would ultimately work for you.

Venus Connections aims to have the largest selection of single men and women who are looking for loving cuckolding relationships. We have men and women from all over North America, from all walks of life, and who are interested in cuckolding relationships that span the cuckolding spectrum. This registry of available singles is often referred to as the dating pool at Venus Connections. Everyone with a Basic Membership gets to join the pool. Our Elite Members have personal matchmakers who carefully scrutinize that candidates in the pool to find the candidates who best match what they want and need.

We schedule your virtual dates for you and make all of the arrangements. You just need to log in at the appropriate time and make sure your audio and video is working and then once your date has logged on then you have about half an hour to enjoy some conversation together. Afterwards you fill out an evaluation form so that we know how it went and if you would like to see each other again.

Our Elite Members enjoy the service of a personal Venus Connections matchmaker who will work closely with them to really get to know them and find out what they are looking for in a life partner. Their matchmaker will search through the registry of Venus Connections candidates to find the perfect match.

Program Advantages

Safe and Private

Your personal information is kept behind a privacy wall, making it much safer than the usual dating apps. Unlike dating apps where you have to put up a public profile with photos and personal information, our matchmakers keep your information private and safe


Our courses are created by women with dating experience in the cuckolding lifestyle and offer a huge advantage to our clients, setting them up for success in making connections. They are filled with valuable insights and tips into strategies that really work

Individualized Attention

We have a thorough process of interviews, questionnaires, and surveys which we use to learn all about you and what you want in a life partnership and fine tune things as we go along

Serious Candidates

With Venus Connections you can comfortably assume that each candidate is serious and willing to put in the time and effort to make the relationship of their dreams turn into reality

Our Core Beliefs

At Venus Connections we believe:

  • cuckolding is not merely a sexual act, but a beautiful, loving, complex, and sexy relationship dynamic built on trust
  • loving cuckolding relationships are a one-sided open relationship where he is faithful to her and he loves her infidelities, and they both love it that way
  • within loving cuckolding relationships he gives her the gift of sexual experiences with others and in return she gives him the gift of being involved in some way; it’s a two way street
  • cuckolds are loved, respected, and heard in a loving cuckolding relationship
  • women are loved, adored, cherished, empowered, celebrated, and put first in a loving cuckolding relationship
  • establishing a committed relationship prior to including cuckolding fantasies is vital to a long lasting loving cuckolding relationship