Venus Connections was created by Venus Cuckoldress. She is a well known blogger and podcast producer – The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast – which is currently one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

From the moment Venus learned about cuckolding relationships 6 years ago, she knew it fit exactly who she was and she dove right in. She wanted to reach out to other women who might not be aware this kind of relationship existed so in 2015 she began writing about her stories and experiences of dating, cuckolding, and becoming a Queen of Spades, on In early 2020 she branched out to launch the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast which thanks to her infectious enthusiasm and genuine nature, has since shot to the top of the podcast charts. Venus has also been a guest on podcasts such as Dan Savage’s РThe Savage Lovecast, the Shameless Sex Podcast, and Consenting Adults. She absolutely loves having the opportunity to lend her voice to show people the real, loving, and beautiful complexities of a cuckolding relationship dynamic. Today Venus enjoys working full time on the podcast and is focusing on building a community for women in this lifestyle.


Over the years Venus realized a dating service has been desperately needed for women and men who are single and trying to navigate the LCR lifestyle.

For too long she has heard the cries of desperation from women who have wasted their valuable time, energy and emotions on men who ended up being secretly married, fake altogether, chronic ghosters, or only half serious about wanting a loving cuckolding relationship. There had to be a better way but until now there was nothing.

Men have also raised concerns about not wanting to put their photo or any personal information online on traditional or kink dating sites. They also have fears of women who are secretly using them for financial gain or want to extort them.

Women and men have been desperately wanting to have the option to just pay someone else to do all of it for them – and now they do, much to their relief!

What really makes this program unique is that it takes advantage of Venus’s years of experience dating in the LCR lifestyle as well as valuable feedback from other women’s’ experiences – the great, the bad, and the ugly – to shape what women want out of a dating service. Basically we know exactly what the barriers are and have been and we know exactly what the solutions need to be.

It has become obvious that men and women approach dating in the LCR lifestyle in totally different ways and with different sets of privacy, safety, and reliability concerns. And yet they haven’t been able to address those issues until now.

The education program was created entirely by women so it reflects their beliefs, values, and expectations that should come with dating and loving cuckolding relationships. After completing the program there shouldn’t be any further disconnect between men and women who are dating in this lifestyle. We are finally bridging that gap!

It’s no secret that there are far more men interested in pursing a loving cuckolding relationship than there are women – at least it seems that way. The goal is to invite more women to try this beautiful relationship dynamic and to do this, we are providing a safe and reliable way to make the dating process a breeze instead of an obstacle.

We are aiming to be the largest private dating registry of single women and men looking for a loving cuckolding relationship. If you love this service then please share it!

Our Core Beliefs

We believe:

  • cuckolding is not merely a sexual act, but a beautiful, loving, complex, and sexy relationship dynamic built on trust
  • loving cuckolding relationships are a one-sided open relationship where he is faithful to her and he loves her infidelities, and they both love it that way
  • within loving cuckolding relationships he gives her the gift of sexual experiences with others and in return she gives him the gift of being involved in some way; it’s a two way street
  • cuckolds are loved, respected, and heard in a loving cuckolding relationship
  • women are loved, adored, cherished, empowered, celebrated, and put first in a loving cuckolding relationship
  • establishing a committed relationship prior to including cuckolding fantasies is vital to a long lasting loving cuckolding relationship

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