This page is for all of the women who are curious to learn what cuckolding is really like – not the weird stuff in porn, and not the strange stuff from the bowels of reddit, and definitely not the mass produced male drive fantasy content – just loving cuckolding relationships in the real world, real life, actual relationships.

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What is a loving cuckolding relationship?

Let’s start by talking about the basics. Loving cuckolding relationships are a one-sided open relationship where he is faithful to her (his preference) and she is given the gift of sexual experiences with others. In return for that gift, she gives him the gift of being involved in some way. Whether it’s being there, listening, hearing about it after, or picking out a sexy outfit, they love to share that sexual excitement in some way together. This relationship dynamic fosters a deep emotional bond, intense feelings of trust, intimacy, and love, and next level thrills.

Here is a short video where Venus explains the basics of a loving cuckolding relationship:

Why the Venus Connections Program is so female friendly

Venus has taken great care to create a matchmaking service that is safe, easy, and reliable for women who are looking for a loving cuckolding relationship.

Here’s how we addressed the many unique challenges which women traditionally face with online dating:

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Book: Insatiable Wives, by Dr David Ley

Venus also recommends the following video by Dan Savage: