Being a mom in a cuckolding lifestyle

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By Aaron and Simone

My husband and I decided right from the start of our journey into this cuckolding lifestyle that discretion and privacy would be paramount. Family and being a busy mom comes first. That doesn’t mean I don’t want an exciting naughty sex life as well as all that cuckolding has to offer us both, however it does mean that I have to be mindful to manage that somewhat more complicated piece of keeping this part of my life separate from the others. I’m a psychologist in my day job and I think having sex positive discussions with kids especially during the teenage years sets them up for more success as they enter adulthood. Good safe sex is important for us as humans and teaching our kids how to develop in to mature healthy sexual beings is part of parenthood.

Having said that, just as I don’t need to know all about their future sexual endeavors they don’t need to know all about mine either. Sharing age appropriate lessons and mistakes is important, and answering their questions is important, however telling them everything (at least until they are MUCH older) is not okay right now. For example, when I dress up for a date with a bull I’m going to tell them I’m heading out with a girlfriend for dinner and adult time. I might head to the car with my butt plug in, but wait to add my sexiest heels once I’ve left the house, and I’m not going to say “I’m actually skipping dinner, heading straight to this hard bodied guy’s house so that we can fuck for hours, and I’ll be home later so that your dad can reconnect with me by cleaning up my very well used pussy.”

Timing is important. Most of the bulls I’ve enjoyed over the years have been professional type men with busy day jobs. They have however typically been in positions where they can quite easily take time away from work to play during daytime hours. I’ve enjoyed many dates after getting kids to school. Visiting my husband at work after a playful morning to show him just how “full” I am is quite naughty and always gets me off. Daytime isn’t always ideal for everyone though. For those in the cuckold lifestyle you know that reconnecting with your primary man after being with your bull is extremely important. Making all that work with jobs during a limited window of time is challenging.

We’ve scheduled date nights once a month. Sometimes more if I’ve got a new lover who’s body I just can’t hold back exploring. With COVID precautions though, that has been far too long ago! We tell our kids we are going on a date, we both dress up, and it seems like a very normal married couple date night. I love sexy lingerie on my body and I make sure to let my husband see exactly what my bull is going to enjoy before him when I pull my dress off. We leave the house together – after that however date night takes on a less traditional route. My husband will drop me off at a local hotel we frequent often. It’s got a sophisticated sexy vibe. I meet my bull in the bar for a drink. Sometimes my husband doesn’t even know which bull(s) I’m meeting. I like to keep him guessing. The power dynamic is important here. He knows once he drops me off it is about my pleasure. It isn’t leaving him out – quite the opposite. He knows I’m going to have a really good time and he gets huge sexual satisfaction from that waiting.

Once I’ve left the bar to head upstairs I let him know he can come in and wait inside the lobby. Rarely I’ve had him come in sooner to have him watch me flirt and build up the sexual energy with my lover. That however fits more with a hotwife dynamic as opposed to cuckolding. I prefer him to trust that I know how to flirt and that I’m focused on connecting with my bull. It’s about my pleasure at this stage not about putting on a show for him. There is something about walking in to a nice sexy hotel room with your lover knowing you are going to be having dirty erotic sex that just turns me on so much. I’m usually soaking wet before I even get off the elevator. I love my husband more than anyone but at this point in the date I’m focused on my bull and my sexual pleasure.

I love a hard fit man. I love a big cock. I love a man with stamina. I love a man who knows how to fuck. How to fuck me hard. My bull and I will usually enjoy a good few hours of sex with laughing and conversation breaks in between sessions. I genuinely love sucking my bull off. Having my face fucked is amazing. I enjoy the naughtiness of having my ass fucked. My favourite hands down is DP or DV. My best experiences have been with a bull I’ve really built a strong long term connection with who’s got the sexiest of roommates. The two of them know exactly how to fuck me. That dirty, sweaty, I just can’t take more of it, fully pleasured type of sex. In that moment I’m not a mom or wife. I’m a woman who is enjoying herself more than I thought possible. It’s about me (and my lovers – I’m not selfish far from it haha).

Once my bull has left I let my husband know he can come upstairs to join me. This part of the date is my favourite. When he walks into a room that smells of sex, pillows, sheets, my clothes thrown about, hand prints on the windows, wet spots on the couch, and me looking very satisfied. The lust in his eyes is amazing but it’s more than just lust – it’s love. Love for me, for me to experience all that a sexual being can experience, and love that I can be independent and in control of my body and mind. And in return I love him more than anyone I’ve ever loved. Because he is a cuckold, the best way I can show him that love is to sit back on the love seat, spread my legs apart, and have him on his knees as he cleans me up. I hold his hands. I hold his head. We reconnect together. I don’t deny him (well sometimes I do if we are playing that game).

Usually by this point we realize the time is way later than expected. We madly shower, rush to clean up, try to look less umm like we’ve just been fucking, jump in the car and rush home. Kids are usually in bed but still awake, lunches still need to be made for the next day, laundry needs to be to throw in, and dishes need to be unloaded from the dishwasher – real life mom stuff. Done by a mom who loves her kids, her husband, and her life. Her very full life. All of it. Especially the part that stays private.

About the author

Aaron & Simone are a couple who have been transitioning into a cuckold lifestyle over the last 10 years. They are in their 40’s, have a busy family and busy jobs, and busy life, and they keep this fun kink discrete. They are a physician and psychologist who love to communicate and share with others. They’ve learned a lot over the years and want to share whatever they can to help others.